The Bitcoin Scholarship

100% of college tuition covered to encourage the brightest minds to contribute to bitcoin open source development


Frequently Asked Questions

I am not yet in college, am I eligible to apply?

The scholarship is open to students from high school seniors up to rising college juniors.

What does the scholarship exactly cover?

The scholarship covers 100% of the tuition for the recipient at any university worldwide. This payment is made directly to the academic institution. Room and board expenses are not included in the scholarship.

When is the scholarship announced?

We will notify recipients by September 15.

Are there any work requirements to receive the scholarship?

Recipients are required to work full-time on Bitcoin open source projects during the summer preceding the academic year for which the scholarship is awarded. Additional stipends may be provided as necessary based on location.

What if I attend a non-US university? Am I still eligible?


How many years is a scholarship for?

Scholarships are for one-year, but can be renewed up to three additional years for an undergraduate university program based on continued involvement in bitcoin open source development.